Yay for May! 2 Tees for $20!


May 12-14, 2021

April showers bring May’s SUPER SWEET SHIRT DEALS! Here’s how to snag your 2 tees for $20:

1. Get your cart subtotal to $30 by adding 2 OR MORE tees from our “Yay for May!” sale to your cart.

2. Enter code YAYMAY at checkout.

3. Voila! We’ll drop the price automagically! Hooray!

4. BUT REMEMBER: The discount will ONLY apply to the apparel in the “Yay for May!” sale.

Simple, right? So what are you still doing here?! Go snag your favorite designs in our “Yay for May!” sale!

Restrictions and fine print:

  • Discount applied at checkout.
  • Discount ONLY applies to the tees featured in the “Yay for May!” sale.
  • Your cart subtotal must be at least $30 BEFORE the coupon code (YAYMAY) will activate and drop the price. (Hint: 2 tees @$15 each = $30. Easy, right?)
  • Offer excludes non-apparel items such as posters, blankets, and totes.
  • You can order as many times as you want. If you wanna buy 300 shirts, we’re not stopping you! Just remember that THE DISCOUNT WILL ONLY APPLY TO THE TEES IN THE “Yay for May!” SALE!
  • Free shipping does not apply to international orders.
  • Offer valid from May 12, 2021 at 12am CT until May 14, 2021 at 11:59pm CT.
  • For you math nerds: As long as your cart subtotal is $30 or more, you will get a discount of $5 off for EACH tee in your cart from the “Yay for May!” sale ONLY. So that means 2 tees from that sale will be $20, 3 will be $30, 4 will be $40, etc. You get the point.
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Coupon doesn’t work!

Sure it does, as long as you pick from the shirts that are part of the sale.
Instructions are hard, right?


Am trying to buy the t-shirts that are included in the sale but the coupon code still doesn’t work

Nope, does not work for me either. I am picking two shirts from the sale. Do you have to pick two different shirts?

And strangely, after going to the comments section to leave my previous “it is broken message”, it magically works. Is there some type of confusion if you log in with an Amazon account and then it did an odd swap to a Woot account?

You needed to click “use this address” in the first screenshot. It would have refreshed and applied the discount.

That didn’t work. In fact, two addresses were shown with two different CCs on the page between reloads. In the first, it defaulted to my current address and my Amazon CC. In the second, after simply entering the comments section and clicking reload on the checkout page, the address changed to my old address (when I last bought something using my Woot login a few years ago). In addition, the default CC changed to my Amex card that expired three years ago. My Amazon account does not have my old address nor my expired Amex card on file any longer. These suddenly appeared from “somewhere”. There is something Kafkaesque going on under the hood which could be impacting applying coupons; this problem impacted at least three people.

Per your suggestion, if are required to click “use this address” first, then shouldn’t the error be “Hey, set your address before you try coupons” or prevent the user from clicking the “apply coupon” button at all until an address is set?

Coupon works. Just don’t write the " ! " At the end. I removed it and it worked for me ordered 2 shirts

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