Yay for tomorrow

Aw man. This needs some Latin. How about “Eugepae enim cras”?

You messed up woot, all the people who really want this shirt are going to wait until it’s been reckoned.

I predict it’s pulled in the first week it’s on the cutting block.

I like it, but think I’ll wait until tomorrow to buy it.

Putting it off till tomorrow

Yep. Been there. Step over + around the piles of books when I go back there. So good selections of images because yep, that’s where procrastination’s at: the nexus of overstacked, undermowed + tilting dangerously to the side.

Why do today what you can put off till tomorrow?

What a great shirt. But why does it have to be Royal Blue? yuck. Gray would be so much better.

Ah yes, mañana, that sweet sweet place where everything gets done ever so efficiently, leaving me to enjoy today. In other news, the write up seemed eerily similar to the entirety of all my lab classes, senior design included.

I usually never comment on shirts (figure why) but this is who I am, THIS TEE DEFINES ME. Thanks Woot. I would eventually buy it in few hours.

Thank you people.
Now for the soundtrack:


The blue blood blue stands out to remind us procrastinators to take care of the things we haven’t.

I’m in for 3 later lol. Y-a-w-n. I need some real sleep. We have 3 get to gethers, 2 cocktail parties with loads of finger foods and 1 BBQ with everything including beer & ribs. Don’t know how we’ll pull this off. GNite.


Of course I’m going to buy it. Still haven’t done my laundry, since, ahem, i moved out of my parent’s home(several years ago). I should REALLY get around to it, probably next weekend.
Until then, I have a fresh supply of woot shirts coming in every day, god bless woot, they thought of EVERYTHING!

P.S: Hey Woot, how 'bout lunch.woot for those too lazy to cook?

This is the one i was going to vote for!! But didn’t get around to it!!!

Great shirt, the story of my life.

Where’s the picture of a computer on the design o_O?

It’s probably behind or under that mountain of paperwork…

This is my form of procrastination… Why clean today, when I can do it as soon as my new Woot shirt arrives?

This Thursday? No! Gotta be next Thursday; you know before the last Friday. Yah! That’s it; just after the second Tuesday before Monday of the last Saturday. Now ya got it! So, now ship me shirt, "yay for tomorrow ", before yah mess up my last order from the day before it was to ship last week. Thanks yah, much, again. Mic

Ugh, thanks Woot for reminding me that I’m a class behind on my masters, and that I have class in 5 hours, and that I haven’t slept because I’m doing a paper that’s due at the start of said class.

And the laundry needs to be done. Hm…