Yay My Favorite!



Congrats - it looks so cute, too bad there aren’t kid sizes


Yay! I love this shirt, in for 1


i’m thinking about buying my first shirt.


i want my bday cake to look like that

pass on the shirt


Could wear it with my green or pink pastel shorts.


Yes! I’m first! Meeeeeeeeee! My 15 minutes has finally arrived. Schweet.


Edgar has a brother who submits shirt designs? :stuck_out_tongue: Kidding. Congrats on the print.


Women’s small/medium. This is mentioned every other day. I think Jaden can answer your question more thoroughly, but I know you can still buy some for kids.


Even though I really wish it was not on cream, it’s too cute to pass up and I just got paid so I’ll splurge a little. :slight_smile:


OK so have I just never noticed this before or did they just change it? Does the third place shirt always say “Derby Chump”?


yay 2 cute woot shirts 2 days in a row and my first 2 woot buys!


yesterday was derby chimp haha


Yay, My fav! Now I have something to wear on my bday!


although…i kinda don’t really like it…hmm.


in for 2. for my nieces ( twins)


I’d totally buy this if it wasn’t on a cream shirt. Seriously, who looks good in this color. I’m like the palest person on the planet…shirt makes me look jaundice. Hahaha, guess I should check out some sun. Meh, sadly, I would love this shirt. =(


Is there some kind of Woot law that says every single freaking day, someone has to complain about the color of the shirt? Dear GOD that gets old.

My only complaint is the sizing – Bought a woman’s XL that wouldn’t fit a size M man. Bleh.


Today is my birthday too. How fitting.


that is freaking adorable.
I love this shirt. I’m trying to save money, so I probably won’t buy it. :frowning:

I love the expression on his face. So very cute.
Well, maybe I’ll buy it.