Ye Olde HP EliteBook Shoppe


I wish intel didn’t call dual-core i7’s, well, i7’s.

didn’t see the “these are business grade” thing. comment withdrawn.

They do have a slightly tougher build, but fall short in durability vs. the XPS. I have XPS at home and EliteBook at work. Hate the lack of number pad on XPS but hate the buttons and feel of keyboard on the HP.
This is a reasonably good price.

You and me both. Wasn’t it just less than a year ago that i3 was the dual core, i5 was the quad core with or without turbo-boost and i7 was the sandybridge i5? Those lines have all been blurred. The only thing we can count on is:

i7 > i5 > i3 > pentium, where “>” denotes “faster than”

If I ever figure out the exact math I’ll let y’all know.


I bought a 8460 a week ago, and had to return it… Motherboard fried after 2 days of use, and HP claimed it had no warranty.

Woot has been awesome with the return, but these may not be worth the hassle.

If EVER you have problems with a vendor recognizing the warranty on a Woot purchase, please contact We’ll work to straighten things out. We have ways.

No HDMI port? That’s a deal killer.

It has a displayport, which you can convert to VGA, DVI, HDMI… Usually $20-30 for the adapter.

I used to have a 8460 at my previous workplace, always gave me solid performance, even if the design wasn’t the most sexy.

Loved the durability of the thing, but yeah, these aren’t really made for chilling at your local [insert fave restaurant/coffee shop/bistro].

or less than $8 at

Did someone mention taupe? It’s my favorite color. Why, you ask? Because it rhymes with DOPE!

Really want the 14" Dual-Core i5 EliteBook but worried if something goes wrong. Really want to get a good laptop like this for the great price.Not sure if i should risk it.

Is ThunderThighs in the “Forever Lazy” pic at home.woot? 'Cause I’m guessing she’s the fifth from the left…from the mischief in her smile.

No. Luckily I wasn’t in the office that day or I might have been nabbed. My mug remains a mystery.

Actually the spillproof keyboards might make it perfect for the coffee shop or around the house.

I currently have an HP Envy. While it is nice, my next laptop will be commercial grade, even if they cost slightly more.

BTW, I’d rather be seen with one of these than an overpriced Maaac.