Yeah! More Kitchen Stuff!

The Cooking Light complete cookbook is currently on Amazon for $1 cheaper.

I’m sure it’s a great book, though, as the magazine’s recipes are usually good.

Anybody else notice the Cuisinart skillet/pot/lid set is the same as the one offered as a 1 day woot yesterday? But today’s listing is $10 cheaper.
Same item number, too (1127-10N3P). I had ordered yesterday’s deal, so i’m waiting to see if Woot will give me a refund/credit. I’ve seen this mistake before, but usually it’s not the next day!

Same thing happened to me! Did you email Woot! to ask for a $10 refund?

can the salt mill also be used for pepper or are they THAT different? What IS the difference?

Do not waste your money on the Zyliss timer. Received it today and the display doesn’t light up in some of the sections so you have no idea what the time is. Piece of junk.

Call me an ignoramus, but does this spin salad any better than the $4 version at Wal****?

Yes, right before I posted my comment here. They’ve opened a case, but haven’t gotten a resolution yet. They should at least give me a credit for the $10, as much stuff as I’ve bought from Woot over the years.

I’m sending in a report on this one too. Definitely messed up.

Well, Woot refused to refund/credit the $10 back to me. Instead they offered a return label to ship it back for a full refund. Great idea, if I could re-order the lower price set, but it sold out yesterday afternoon! Woot claims the original price they offered was the cheapest they could find on the internet, but to my mind, they must have stocked up on it to sell it for $10 less the very next day. I’ve been Wooting since 2004, but I think I’m going to cut back since this incident. $10 is $10, after all.

Wow. That’s awful. $10 is $10… especially when you consider tax. The $29 set comes to $38 with tax and shipping! $10 would make a huge difference…

$10 for that J.A. Henckels paring knife is insanely good and you should buy it now.

Is the onion chopper really worth it?

Woot has been nice enough to issue a refund for the $10! So it was worth emailing them. And no, I’m not buying that Henckel paring knife with the money;)

I’m curious about the rotary grater.
Single blade?
How big is the hopper?

Whats the word on the Ginsu knives. I don’t need a nice set, but something better than dollar store qualtiy.

I’m going to try to find this out with a web search, but I was wondering if anyone has any idea what the volumes of the glass bowl set might be. The description/stats offers only dimensions - not all that helpful without calculations I’m not even sure how to start. :slight_smile: Thanks in advance …

I did a quick search, and I found this site. Hope that helps!

I took a look at some other sites and couldn’t find specifics. I pinged our buyers; I’ll update you when I hear more.

Definitely! Thank you very much!