Year of the Place Mat

I’d feel compelled to eat off this shirt if I bought it.

Go Year of the Rat! Us 1984 guys like lo mein better anyways!

While I love this shirt, if my placemat came to life in a real restaurant I would run no matter how much I loved the food.

Congrats on an awesome shirt. I was really hoping this would print.

So unrealistic. That rabbit would be all up on that dragon, Monty Python style.

That doesn’t seem very hygienic.

Best shirt in the derby was The Ancient Chinese Raggon. Too bad it won’t get printed.

Just hope people don’t mistake it for actual food. They might think you’re a messy eater.

Still waiting for It’s an order, RACE!

Horse stomps on Rat! :stuck_out_tongue:

yay, I’m awesome!

Congrats, iLoop! I was really hoping this would print! dances

would be fun to wear to you favorite Chinese restaurant!

How could you be so mean to the sweet dog?

As I said in the thread for this shirt, my favourite detail is how the rabbit has a chunk of carrot. Congrats, Loopy!

How the hell do you by something in TEN SECONDS?? I was under a minute and thought, surely, finally, I’ll be First Wooter. Not a chance. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, happiness! Good job, Loopy. In for one without even having to think about it.

Yes! Gratz Loop!
Bought and now I’m going to sleep :slight_smile:

I’m going to wear this while watching the anime “Fruits Basket”. Someone is bound to catch such a thing >_>

I was so happy to see this for sale!!! I did have a dilemma about what size to buy though. Once I have this shirt, I will be eating at Chinese restaurants so often, that I considered getting a larger size.

Please note that theinfinityloop has a shirt for sale at Cameesa as well. Click on the green shirt in my signature to get a better look.

10 seconds is actually slow. Haven’t you seen the mysterious people who purchase in NEGATIVE time? Seriously - it’s happened many times before.

i’ll celebrate the year anniversary of buying infinity’s kiwi shirt by buying the placemat shirt. would like to continue the tradition of wearing my new shirt on my birthday, but i don’t think woot’s shipping will allow that to happen again

and i still love the snake choking/swallowing a whole pea

I dig that one too, but I kinda liked how calm the horse looked while grazing out of the bowl