Year of the Red Dragon

Didn’t realize China was part of Middle Earth.

It’s a Hobbit thing. That’s what ocho told me this afternoon, anyway.

great dragon…I always find myself wanting root for them.

Good enough for me then. Thanks.

I like the combination of colors.

There’s something about the expression of the eyes that adds an extra layer of cool creepiness to the design.

In this art, Bilbo reminds me of the Monkey King. Wonder if that was intentional.

When did they start charging shipping on shirts?

Still bought one.

Birubo Baginzu!

ビルボ バギンズ!

WUKONG BAGGINS! I’m in! Wonderful job- this really plays with my favorite things-

whoa! this is cool!

Wow, great design! Need to put it on a black tee shirt to see the details, even if it is a red dragon!

Um… 2015 is year of the Sheep… Dragon was 2 years ago :slight_smile:

EPIC design!

Year of Dragon FOOD

I agree!!! Any color other than red: white, gray, yellow, tan. I’m not buying it because of the red on red. Not good.

Truthfully, it being on red is one of my favorite things about the design. I personally prefer more subdued designs, and keeping it mostly monochromatic(ish) with the great pops of blue makes it, in my opinion, more wearable.

I can see how some folks would want the dragon to pop out more too, though. Maybe woot will one day offer multiple color options on more designs. :wink:

Aw man! At first I thought it was a Chrono Trigger shirt…

For those that don’t know, that’s Crono (yeah, no “h” in his name, go figure), who I must add is much cooler than any hobbit could possibly be (though admittedly this rendition of Bilbo is pretty spectacular).

I will not buy another dragon shirt, I will not buy another dragon shirt…