Year Three

My ‘The Elusive TaMoko Kiwi’ shirt has proved elusive for awhile. Might be time for a replacement. Good vintage year 3 choices.

I might have to break down and buy the “Think of the Children” Pullover Hoodie. I have the link to t-shirt saved in a folder of shirts I am buying, when there is a detour sale, or something. I really like that they are different colors.

I have that from a previous side sale & it didn’t fit. I’m willing to trade or something if you want to PM me. It’s before the switch to anvil, so I’d have to check the brand.


The fleece hoodies have been, and still are, manufactured by Gildan.

The lightweight hoodies are manufactured by Alternative Apparel (not to be confused with American Apparel).

Is that why the lightweight hoodie is so much more expensive? I thought I’d remembered the lightweight hoodies being LESS expensive than the regular hoodies in the past??? So confused, why is the only one i like stupid expensive? $35 just seems like a LOT for one shirt.

Is Ask Again Later really being printed on AA?

They retail for $44 and has consistently been sold at the $35 price here except for randoms where the purpose is to clear out shelf space.

Yes. Orange and purple (eggplant) blanks are American Apparel. :slight_smile:

Message sent.

Curses… Now I’ll never be able to order random LS Tees again, for fear of getting “In Addition To Your Radishes.”

Still no “Blocks Build You” as a T-shirt? My heart laments. Bring it back, and I’ll buy three of them!

Personally, I think Woot! Needs to have a “From Russia With Love” sale. If they did, I’d probably buy the whole lot.

I’m wearing my Let’s Curdle t-shirt right now. I would love to have it in a hoody. It’s probably one of my favorite shirts. :slight_smile:

Glad to hear it! I hope you enjoy it very well.

um, just a thought…you might want to get 3 or 4, just, you know, to make sure you don’t run out. ;^)

Agreed, I really like the look of that hoodie and I actually remember getting the short sleeve version a while back. I have been torn on whether to buy this but as much as I want it, $35 for a lightweight hoodie is to expensive. Mark it down $5-$10 and I’ll be on board( I already accept the fact that this will never happen…)

This makes me all gooey on the inside.

Thank you. Hearing stuff like this really makes me so very happy. :slight_smile:

Hey woot- I love your designs, but I just don’t need any more shirts. I love the LW hoodies, and want to buy more, but it seems like there aren’t many designs coming out for them. Please make more LW hoodies!!

LOVING the Think of the Children in Royal Blue. Much better than the Cranberry for my style. Plus, hoodie season is (hopefully) coming soon and this will be wonderful!

Is it just me, or does the design on the front of The Binge sweatshirt look like eyes rolling down your chest?

Go on - take a look.

I am in for a Think of the Children hoodie.

That is slightly creepy!