YES!!! 100 pages of (near) complete silence v17.0 - 98.338% silent! Less than 67 noisy posts among 4000! Way to go, people!

i think kenny will wind up with 100 pages of attempts to have 100 pages of complete silence! i also think kenny may be doing a bit of the sabotaging himself!

Good luck kenney!

This may be the hangover talking, but I hope that bad things happen to you. Unspeakable, awful things. Like, stuff that isn’t even scientifically possible. Horror-movie-grade, CNN-top-story, forward-the-article-to-your-friends-because-it’s-so-unbelievable bad.

It’s probably just the hangover, though.

There’s a headline shirt I’d actually buy-- “Internet D0uchebag Got What Was Coming To Him”

Shucks, I hope it is just the hangover.

See, now obviously mr. 9226 is catching on. It is a yin/yang kind of thing. Right on mr. 9226!