Yes I’m a Kleptomaniac

Now this is a strange shirt.

So… whose shirt was this originally, if it’s been stolen by the person who’s wearing it when you see it? I’m so confused.

oh, I’m still laughing…style of text seems just quirky enough to suit the sentiment

Shades of [url=]Steal This Book

I catch shoplifters for a living…I could wear this shirt to blend in.

i should buy one of these and give it to my boyfriend, just so i can take it back from him :slight_smile:

Not only did I steal your plain red shirt, but I wrote this message on it to brag about it.

Buying this shirt with the intention of keeping it is kind of a Catch-22. The phrase is an invitation to having it stolen.

I can just imagine how anyone wearing this will get followed around while shopping.

And who can blame them? You’ve admitted to it already.

It’s gonna be a hard sell for woot to convince me to buy my own shirt.

Someone stole my idea!

I really like the lettering on this design-- I don’t think a standard font would’ve fit with such a slogan.

I really hope the placement of that hand doesn’t make things… awkward… for female wearers.

Kind of like the guy who bragged on Facebook about the robbery he had committed. Don’t you just love stupid criminals.

If I recall, the Eight Commandments also doesn’t mention anything about coveting other people’s possessions.

This comment was stolen before it could be posted. =/

Nice to see a red shirt!

Must…resist…urge…to DANCE!

Sorry, just saw Billy Elliot for the first time on Netflix Instant.

Will go to Bway if I haveta.

“I just wanta dahnce at the balleh!”

This shirt doesn’t seem to fit in with any of the other Shirt.Woot shirts I have ever seen. What is going on? Even the write up is stranger than usual.