Yes on 8 Ads...

These ads on this site are kind of bumming me out:(

How so? Thanks to Adblock on Firefox, I don’t see any ads…

Yeah… i’m not seeing any ads that are “bumming me out” worthy…

yes on pie!!!

yes on pi, too!

w.t.h., i’m pro-cake, pro-chocolate, pro-jello too.

What’s the square root of thanksgiving?


Well… being in California, I know how contentious prop 8 is. I personally am against it and the last place I thought I would get inundated with Yes on 8 ads is my new favorite t-shirt blog site:-/

whoa… I just google’d it.

I’m not getting any ads like that on my end… maybe it has to do with being from Oregon?

Bummer… :frowning: Now I get it.

and without trying to start an overly political conversation… hasn’t same sex marriage brought a lot of revenue to California?

Yup, they say on the ballot that California will lose 10’s of millions of dollars if prop. 8 passes, plus most of the “yes on 8” money is coming from out of state, so what do they care how much money we lose?

I don’t think woot screens their ads.


I’m not getting this ad at all. Granted, I’m not sure I paid close attention until this post, but I have since.

also, I think woot get’s their ads just from google ads. So maybe there’s a google filter for IPs or something

I don’t see them at all today. Interesting. I guess they blew their budget for only the day before the election.