Yes We Camp!

I would not use this tent if precipitation is in the forecast. 1000 mm is the lowest rating that can call itself “waterproof”, but the reality is that if there is a driving rain, 1000 mm will not be sufficient to keep dry inside. Here’s an excellent reference that explains water resistance and waterproofness of fabrics: In addition, this kind of tent construction is known to collapse under heavy rain or under snow/ice. The same factors that allow it to be popped open also allow it to be easily collapsed.

for the price, however, it would make a fine play tent for kids inside or during fair weather outside.

FWIW… the 3 section matress takes some getting use to. I had the one that also had a pillow built in. As the picture shows, the air is all over the place and you will wake up being treated for shock (all the air will be at your feet while your head on the ground) or it will roll you off in the middle of the night because the air will shift to one side, and you will be dumped face first into the wall of your tent. Just speaking from experience.

Wow woot!! Less than 36 hours from order of my TexSport mattresses to time of delivery to my house! Blown away this time!