YesBears Giant Teddy Bear 4-Colors

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YesBears Giant Teddy Bear 4-Colors
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Less than half the price of the 6 foot bear available from a Vermont based bear company. Women love big bears!

One of my cats would no doubt throw up on it (or worse) and it would be hard to clean.

Oh yeah, I’m also an adult male and it would look very odd in my living room…let alone my bedroom.

Like what women love big bears? Last Valentine’s Day, my boyfriend was hinting around that he knew what he wanted to get me, but had to wait till pay day. There were comments about he felt bad for the UPS guy that had to deliver it. I finally got it out of him, and it was that gigantic bear…OMG. I would die if I got that for a present! What would I even do with it? I’m freaking 55 years old! So lucky I found out ahead of time. I said, honey, instead of that, how about a nice pair of snake-proof boots for our vacation in April?? And you are banned from ever picking out a gift by yourself ever again…

Ok, but what about for an 8-year-old girl?

My wife would punch me square in the face if I bought her this.

Guys, unless your significant other is some air-headed ding bat who would appreciate a gift such as this, please rethink your purchase. Move along to the jewelry section for better odds.

Bring back Sheriff Lobo!

I don’t know what a dudes expectations would be if he were to give a gal this on valentines day. Here’s a giant freakin’ bear, let’s make out?

Perfect for my giant baby costume

I saw some kid looking at a GIANT “Dora the Explora” doll that was bigger than she was. Looked like some weird Japanese robot they show off at CES.

Does he practice archery? Maybe he thought that after you got tired of it…

Oh god no… -_-
The best valentine’s gift a man ever gave me was a copy of Dead Space for PS3.
This gal loves scary sci-fi games.
I’ll take a pass on the flowers and chocolates and huge awkward teddy bears…

Great, more stuffed animal’s for my kids room. Nothing says Happy Valentine’s day than a big giant bear.