YETI for $12.99 after Instant Rebate!

Does the 10 oz lowball come with a lid?

I think the top is an optional accessory.

If anyone wants the 18oz bottle there are some on Amazon for 16.00 and free Prime Shipping.

so the 18 oz bottle is gone?

trying to order this. it won’t take the order and i am within the time period.

Looks like the 18oz yeti is sold out. I just got the email 2 minutes ago. That sucks!

10oz pictured with a lid does this one come with one?

Thanks! Got it!

Will this hold carbonated drinks?

It looks to me like Sams Club Online has the 10oz Rambler Lowballs for $9 for members (so $9.90 for non-members) with free shipping.

EDIT: Nevermind. Apparently you have to order 500 of them!? :slight_smile: Sorry.

Go for it.

We only put the small one in the email for that reason. :slight_smile:

I literally got this email within one hour of the time limit. W . T . F Woot?

I got the email at 8:17 am on 7/11/17… I am pretty sure this was all over for a couple hours by then

I received the e-mail for this date stamped 4:14 AM on 7/11. Just four hours after the sale ended. I’m impressed.

This sucks! I just logged in and the deal is sold out already.

Not sure if this is a joke … it’s already sold out.

It sounds like these Yeti items are suitable for when you’re out searching for Bigfoot : D

Was able to score one of these 10 oz YETI ramblers, and it came today. It doesn’t come with a lid, so now I have to purchase a lid. Annoyed because the picture shows it with one. Guess I shouldn’t have assumed it did. Definitely could have gotten a better deal elsewhere. Disappointed.