YETI for $12.99 after Instant Rebate!

Yeah, just received. No lid. I can read but pictures can sometimes be worth a thousand words. Sadly, pics aren’t worth one lid on Woot.

Mine didn’t come with a lid either. It’s not the same size lid as the 30 ounce either, it’s smaller. Just FYI when you go to order.

Also disappointed. They definitely should have made it clear the lid wasn’t included since it was pictured with a lid. Luckily the lid to my 20 oz Ozark fits it so it’s not a complete waste.

Bummed to discover my 10oz lowball came without a lid :frowning:

My lowball didn’t come with a lid, thought that was a given…you know, to actually help keep the drink hot or cold :wink: Super disappointed.

The lowball is sold everywhere at 19 bucks with lid! And you failed to put anywhere in he details that there is no lid included and the picture has the lid on it.

This was supposed to be a super exclusive birthday deal selling it at $13. After buying a ten dollar lid it winds up being more expensive. Even the low balls with the colored exterior is still 19.

What a ripoff!

What’s the deal that there is no lid with this? The picture clearly shows a lid and the description doesn’t say a lid isn’t included. Did find online that a lid is an additional $10.00, probably plus shipping and tax.
Not good Woot!!!
Going to see about returning

I just received mine and like others thought it came with the lid. So disappointed that it did not.

No lid - terrible deal. What a ripoff. I have two other yeti cups from other retailers, and they both came with lids. I won’t be buying anything from here ever again.

I’m very disappointed to see that the pictured lid was not included. :frowning:

Add one more disappointed customer to the list. No cover for the 10oz. Makes it pretty worthless.

yea wtf no lid?! Why put a picture with a lid?

you can buy these on for $19.99 with a lid!!

This is a joke.

Better get a refund.

Or maybe I’ll just call BBB, thats probably a better idea! Unless they wanna send myself and the 4 other people in my family who ordered it a lid!

Hey all! I’m very sorry about the lid issue with the lowball Yeti.

The team is looking into with our vendor. Given the weekend, it’ll be early next week before I hear back.

Thank you for promising to follow up on this. Hopefully the vendor will find a way to make things right, given how we were misled. When it comes to brand-building, managing expectations is key.

Adding my +1 for missing lid. Thanks TT for any updates you can get from the vendor. Off topic but I thought the birthday deals were free shipping during the wootoff. Or after you bought one item the rest at least would be free. Paid shipping on the BOC and 2 other orders from the birthday.

I contacted Woot! support and stated that the packing department must have forgotten to pack the lid with the item as the picture shows a lid and the description doesn’t state a lid was not included and asked about how to return the item. They sent a full refund and stated that I didn’t need to return it and can throw it away or whatever.
Woot! support always makes things right one way or another and gets my 5 stars for their customer service.

Just adding my +1 as well for no lid.

Very disappointing as it pictured a lid and nothing written stated no lid.

Add me to the list of extremely disappointed purchasers. I definitely would not have bought this item if I thought it did not include a lid. It’s not a good deal without the lid, and the photo clearly shows a Yeti with a lid. No where in the item description does it state a lid is not included.

+1 for lid too - not much of a deal if you have to buy the lid separate. Thanks for checking into it for us.