YETI for $12.99 after Instant Rebate!

Wanted to also adding my comment about the lid. I just received the rambler 10 minutes ago, which I bought as a birthday present to myself. (Side note–originally I thought it was being offered as an early birthday opportunity for me! Then I realized Woot and I have very close birthdays)

Was quite excited when it arrived, until I opened it and found no lid. Went back and double checked–description doesn’t mention anything about it not coming with a lid and the picture shows one. Checked several other places before ordering and it was $20 with lid. Now I looked up the price of just a lid–$8.88 on Amazon versus $19.98 for the Rambler with lid (premium of $1.89 to buy it separately). Sigh. Hope there’s a resolution vis-à-vis lids

Just got my topless Yeti today as well. Definitely disappointing as it renders the whole item fairly useless as a keep cold/warm product. Maybe I’ll get one in my bucket of crud next week!!

They ended up refunding me and letting me keep the cup also.

Thank you for looking into the issue! I am disappointed along with everyone who purchased the item thinking it was a good deal! I have requested a refund. I hope Amazon/Woot and the vendor (Yeti?) will do the right thing to recover because this is a bad reflection on both companies!!!

Nice. I see you joined on the 10th and that was your first purchase. Welcome aboard; NOT! In all fairness though, TT is looking into this, and my experience with the few customer service issues I have had with them (over 300 purchases), they have always come through for me. That, and in some cases I have had good luck dealing directly with the manufacturer. Hey, at least they are willing to let you return it. If they don’t do the right thing I will be returning mine as well.

Yeah I am pretty annoyed about the no lid issue as well, I just bought one a month ago that came with a lid and the image shows one. Very misleading!

What the heck, 10oz rambler arrived with no lid!?!?!

Hope Woot is able to send one, otherwise this is NOT a good deal.

RE: the Yeti lid issue.

Yeah, I feel like I’ve been hustled. Nice tumbler, but kinda incomplete without the lid.

+1 for disappointment and surprise that the 10oz rambler arrived with no lid. Wrote customer service as well!

Also no lid. Super disappointed!

Thanks for looking into the lid issue, TT.
Was a bit surprised to not see a lid with the rambler when I opened my giant box today.

I emailed customer support about it and including my info here as well. Lid not included as shown on picture # 2 and don’t want to spend $10 plus tax for it; isn’t much of a real sale then. Disappointed but hoping Woot will come through.:blush:

Adding myself to the list of those that was excited to get this today only to find no lid in the box. Not a total loss, but far from a birthday deal without the lid, which was pretty clearly in the picture.

Hopefully I can get a lid in my disappointing bag of crap. :rage:

Nice autocorrect. Bag of crap. Lol

Pretty frustrated that the 10 oz lowball didn’t include a lid! $12.99 after rebate + $8 for a lid from another retailer = $21 total. You can get the 10 oz lowball with a lid for less than that all over the internet…

+1 on the lidless Yeti. The description does not specifically mention the lid that is clearly pictured but neither does the description for the Yeti bottle and I’ll bet they came with lids!
I see the awesome woot staff is on the issue so I’m not going to flip my lid over this yet!

Also disappointed in no lid…

FALSE ADVERTISEMENT!! Will return if they do not supply a lid at no extra cost.

i didn’t receive a lid either. no idea how this would keep the liquid hot or cold with an open top. very disappointed too.