YETI for $12.99 after Instant Rebate!

Picture shows lid, but no lid. I didn’t see the exclusion in the description.

This thing is totally useless w/o the lid. If only the people who complain will get a lid or refund, add me to that list, and I prefer a lid so I have what I ordered. But refunds work so long as I have no hassle or expense with a return. If I get nothing, then Woot just saw the last one of my dollars ever. I like to believe TT will make something happen, but there are all the neckties and such above her making decisions…

Another disappointed customer! My wife had literally ordered the same cup (with lid) when I saw this Woot deal. I canceled her Amazon order and happily ordered through Woot. We completely expected this came with a lid, and being Woot we were pleased they were living up to their reputation of good deals.
Definitely hoping for some resolution here. A lid or a refund would be best.

I looked all over the box (which was the size of a case of paper) and no lid. At least they threw in 1 sheet of bubble wrap with it. Guess it literally was a tumbler on its way to my house.

Ditto on getting fooled by the lid issue. Thought it was too good to be true and it was :frowning:

Never been done wrong by woot before and sure TT will come through!

I didn’t get lid either, buying a lid elsewhere makes it not such a good deal… :frowning:

Bumping this to page 2

NO!!! which is really a rip. “sold separately” is on the mug, but not on this sales info

I also received a lidless lowball. Please let us know what your solution is

TT, please update me with regards to the lid, and Thank you! I received mine today with no top.

Uh huh. You guessed it. No lid. Please send one before the polar bear goes from depression to anger!

5.99 with prime to get a lid that would fit the lowball.

WOOT has done it right. Got an email about a refund, and then a notice about being credited for the item. The thing is useless without a lid; it’s too bad the supplier didn’t provide lids

Did you roll it through customer service? I have only posted here waiting for the resolution. I have not seen anything yet.

Really, Woot? It came without the lid. One of the pictures had a lid. I feel totally ripped off.

Yeah, definitely wasn’t the plan for the lid to be missing.

What happened is that Yeti reused the UPC when updating their line. Their new lowballs do not include the lid. When we looked up that UPC on other sites, it showed the lid.

Lesson to manufacturers, never reuse UPCs.

Anyway, it’s taking longer than we thought to get this resolved. We appreciate your patience.

If you haven’t already, please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.

NO it doesnt, to my surprise! Just got mine and no lid. Who wants a cup without a lid, and why don’t they tell that in the description?

So contact cust service or wait to on you to get back with us?

+1 No lid… Lame. Contacting support.

Also, nice of Yeti to rub it in with the sticker that needed chemicals to remove (warm water was tried first, followed by 91% isopropyl alcohol, followed by goo gone, goo gone FTW!)

yes, I send an complaint through the Customer Service page, got a response the next day