YETI Hopper Flip Coolers

YETI Hopper Flip Coolers

Gotta love the description on the Mother Ship (Warehouse listing):
" A 100% dry duffel. But definitely not a cooler. Hydrolok zipper makes sure water stays out so your gear stays bone-dry, no matter how torrential it gets"

Even if it was a cooler, it’s still pricey, even at this damn good price.

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Who will fire the first shot at the Yeti brand?


The price is good for what it is, there aren’t many competitors that can compete with the quality of build. These are just a damn ugly color and still at the prices unless you really are outdoorsy, you won’t get the benefits of the product.

Yeti is so expensive. That price should include a [Mod Edit: Nope] to carry it around for me.

I own both Rtic and Yeti. Buy Rtic coolers, which are better and cheaper.

I regret owning Yeti, who have since opted to use their already-overpriced brand to make political statements.

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Have they dropped the price yet!

I’d be curious in your experience what makes the RTIC better than the Yeti other than the price ? I’ve seen reviews on both and comparisons pretty much always point to the Yeti quality of build being a tad better but in terms of price the RTIC is significantly cheaper.

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nope. never yeti.


I know people hate on Yeti a lot considering their high price, however… I have bought a LOT of cheaper coolers in my lifetime for boating, camping, anything outdoorsy. I thought it was crazy to spend this type of money for a cooler initially, but there I was spending 1/4 - 1/2 of this amount on a new one AGAIN. I finally had some extra cash and decided I would get one. They are nothing short of excellent in my opinion. I have only strayed once from the brand since then, and I was a little sorry. I felt like I still spent half as much as this on another brand that only lasted me a couple years vs potentially longer with the Yeti. Now I’m too scared to try some of many others. I don’t doubt they work fine, but I’m a big believer on the longevity of Yeti.

I have stood on them, I have tossed them around, I have used them as sawhorses, I have used them as storage containers, I have used them as bookbags, I have treated them MUCH worse than I should have for an expensive cooler, but I have yet to have one break, snag, tear, or otherwise fail (other than cosmetics). The zippers still zip and lids still seal. I still have my first one from many years ago that works fine. Maybe I’m not as hard on them as I think, but around a salt-air environment, I’ll just consider the extra price as a ‘beach tax’ for something I’ve had a great experience with. As always though, YMMV.



Wow, sign me up for 4 big ones—I won’t have to pay my mortgage this month if I can keep 20 cans cold for 2 days!!! Seriously??? Holy crap, what a stupid way to spend money…

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Personally I’ve used YETI and RTIC, and I find no difference in build quality, but a VERY large difference in price. Yeti just isn’t worth it, and never has been…we just didn’t have options before. Now we do, which makes their price all the more ridiculous.


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Wish they included a pair of vice-grips to grab that zipper. Who in the world thought that was a good idea to have a zipper. Man I hate this thing. I’m only glad I didn’t buy a Yeti. It was a gift

I think this is the one design that Yeti lifted from RTIC. Rtic brought this style out when yeti came out with the original “hopper” which was a tote bag with a ridiculous zipper top that was like putting your arm into a sharks mouth.
I’ve owned the RTIC version of this cooler for years and it’s still like new, use it every week to haul perishables to my boat. Even in salt envrionment the zipper slides easily…cannot see (ever) paying twice as much for a “yeti” label.

Goes great with your MyPillow



Name brands are cool, but if you’re on a budget, I just purchased ( Titan cooler that fits all my ice/cooler needs for less than 1/3 the cost…Yeti’s are great, I’m sure.

So. Much Money. Even if you have it, … just, … why?!

My last cooler purchase was at a yard sale. “Coleman Personal 8”. Like brand new. $3. Good enough to transport a kidney – and the right color, too. Hey, wait …

I drink my beer warm.