YETI Hopper Flip Coolers

YETI Hopper Flip Coolers

I was thinking about getting the 12. But I’m curious why some people in the reviews don’t get the good results as the ones rating it high.

Me too. I almost bought one of these retail a few weeks ago and the reviews ultimately turned me off. People who seemed to have followed the same directions with poor results. Anyway, I figure I’m cool enough already…

I have the RTIC version of this, which, based on reviews, delivers 90% of the performance for one-third the price ($54/$69 for 8-can/20-can capacity on sale). It works remarkably well. I have left it in a car in Houston summer for 8 hours and in a hotel room for 36 hours and it kept everything cold with no condensation on the outside. In the hotel room, there was still some ice left, though most had melted. My drinks were still very cold.

I then was able to towel dry the inside and stick it into my luggage. With my cheaper soft coolers, I would have to use a hair dryer on them for several minutes to dry them out first.

The main downsides to this style of cooler are the price and size. These are coolers are huge compared to their capacity. Because I often buy soft drinks in bottles, I can only fit 3 or 4 in the 8-can cooler. The zippers on these are water-tight, which makes them hard to open and you have to use zipper lubricant on them. My impression is the YETI zippers are a little easier to use.

Unless you need to keep items cold for extended periods of time, I wouldn’t bother. This is not a replacement for a much smaller lunch cooler that you only need to work for 4 hours indoors.

I have this model. It works great! Just beware if you have a container, like an open milk carton, it will spill in the cooler because like the name says, it flips very easily.

Other than that I highly recommend the Yeti Flip!

I have a Hopper Flip 8. I use it as a lunchbox, but it isn’t very useful for anything else. A larger one may be better, I dunno.

Usually depends on their use of these types of coolers, these soft sided do well to being left inside (vs say a garage/patio) before use and semi cooled with a basic ice brick before primary usage. If you have it sitting in your garage or patio, drop in fresh ice and go all the insulation will be warm and still trapping heat and your results will be nothing special vs a cheap $5igloo or other. I also highly recommend the artic ice -2/-15 bricks for any cooler i use as they really will make a massive difference.

This is the same for the RTIC and Ozark versions, is yeti worth its money over those? Hard to say as it will be the other things come into play like price/style/size/zipper/handles etc.

It looks nice, but since my income hasn’t cracked 7 figures yet it’s hard to justify paying so much for a cooler.

Maybe once my stock options kick in I’ll get one to keep my Grand Cru cold when I’m riding in my private jet.


I’ve got a 12. Paid just under 200$ at the time. It’s a good size for me for solo beach trips, etc. Holds enough drinks, food and ice. Works great, holds ice well. Biggest thing I like is no leaks, and minimal sweating on the exterior. I had it sitting in my tent for week at scout camp, to keep drinks cool. Topped it off with ice every few days, and didn’t have a wet spot on the platform. The bigger sizes get really heavy when you factor in contents and ice. I’d rather pay more money one time for quality gear and take care of it.

Is this really a thing? :flushed:

Hi! I’m hoping to win the YETI to entice Big Foot to join the picnic! :paw_prints: