YETI Hopper Two 40 Portable Cooler

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YETI Hopper Two 40 Portable Cooler
Price: $244.99
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Condition: New


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Y’know, there’s a reason coolers have wheels, right…

$250… F-GeeZuz

I’m here for the Yeti fights.

This thing has to weigh 50 lbs when full of ice & beer! I like Yeti, and sometimes you want a soft sided cooler, but this thing will be a monster to carry around.

YETIs are the best, I have a Tundra 40 and I can put 8 lbs of ice in it, leave it over night and the next day it has 10 lbs of ice.

Yeti Hopper coolers are made in China.

And they charge $250.

Ya’ll are crazy.

The zipper will rip ya up!!! edges very sharp and the opening is very tight.

I don’t give a crap if my balls are cooled for the rest of my life… NO WAY I am paying that much for a stupid cooler bag.

Ice Mule is a better soft-sided cooler at half the cost. 2016 Field and Stream comparison rated the Cabelas’ cooler better than the Yeti and in fact, Yeti came in a weak third place. Research folks, research.

Reasonably-priced and reasonably similar “premium” coolers (Yeti fans will say “knock offs”) all over the place now for under $100.

My grandfather used to say, “some people have more money than good sense”.

Yeti = Prada for rednecks.

$17.84. Just sayin’…

HA! Thanks for the great laugh! I have my entry-level “Prada for Rednecks” YETI mug…and that’s as far as my budget goes. I’d never pay this much for a cooler, wheels or not.

I bought the 20 size of this cooler when Woot offered it (and it sold out) a month or so ago. Great cooler. Strong construction, keeps ice all day at the beach, no complaints from me.

No styrofoam, that shit is god damn awful for the environment

Plenty of cheaper options from other brands though…

you’re exactly right

Nice purse.

Ha me also!