YETI Rambler 20oz Tumbler

YETI Rambler 20oz Tumbler

Can you dip out of the top or does it have to be removed to drink from the cup?

There’s a slot where you can just sip out of.

Look at the bottom of the lid here:

Here’s the lid alone on Yeti’s site:

I got these before an absolutely love them. I use them for my water all day and my coffee/tea to keep it warm. I don’t really bother with the lid because they explode constantly. The steam builds up and will pop the top off. Had it happen in the car once and it was bad. I highly suggest leaving the mouth piece open to let it vent.

They are awesome though. No issues after daily use for years.

The ones I got came with a metal straw and multiple lids. I know Walmart had them in their clearance section locally for around $5-$8 but they sell out immediately.

How can we be sure they aren’t “knock offs”?

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When you get it, make sure to check for the details as other YouTubers have shared to see if your Yeti is fake or real. Like this one:

how does this help before making a purchase?

If this came with the magnetic lid . Then its a good deal
Amazon has the same tumbler 30 oz with the better lid for $34

The lid here dosent close its always open

Here is a video on hot to spot a 20 oz fake Yeti. This man got a fake one from Amazon.

Because you’re buying it from Woot, which is owned by Amazon, who wouldn’t want to get sued for selling counterfeit merchandise. This product expressly says “Yeti”, which is different from a knockoff product that may look identical, but does not have the branding on the item.