YETI Rambler 64oz Stainless Steel Bottle

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YETI Rambler 64oz Stainless Steel Bottle
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Be warned, one drop and this thing is useless. Had one and a small drop broke it. Hardly what I’d expect from Yeti but there are so many knock-offs that do exactly the same thing for a whole lot less that I simply stopped buying Yeti products.

So true. Ozark Trail makes the exact same thing for less than half the price. With Yeti you’re just paying a premium for a brand name.

Agreed! Someone told me Ozark and Yeti were once the same company? They parted ways over disagreements but not sure if this is true.

Maybe the tumbler is made differently, but mine’s been dropped repeatedly over the course of 3-4 years, even rolled off the back of my Jeep and tumbled down a parking lot, got dented and still held vacuum.

If you like the brand, this is really cheap. Few thin walled Dewar style bottles survive falls well when full so don’t drop them. 6 lbs from 48" hits with a force of about 2000 lbs.

Can this be used as a growler?

You tell me, LOL!

Not even remotely true.

These bottles work excellent for keeping water ice cold all day. Pair with a Yeti Chug cap and they are perfect for sports tournaments. Kept my kids supplied with ice cold water all day in 100 degree heat.

I have serious doubts about these things breaking after one drop. My kids throw these around all the time and they are indestructible. Plus with Yeti you have a real warranty. Try returning a broken Ozark to Walmart and see how far you get.

For $33 you’re not going to find a better water bottle for kids sports.

No, Ozark is the Walmart brand and largely knock offs of other brands. They and others copied the entire line from the small bottles to the large coolers. And to that point, if you’re OK with supporting knock-offs and those who’ve stolen other’s IP and designs…principles are expensive and you’ve just set the price for yours.

I’m not saying Yeti invented the dual layer technology as Thermos did it with glass decades ago and I had a Zojirushi one from the 90s, but they’re the ones who created the designs of their bottles as well as the branding which everyone is taking advantage of.

Also, just because it looks the same, they’re not always as good. One of the guys had a knock off brand and it after a couple days in the hot sun, he had a pool of water compared to the guy who had the YETI.

I think it was RTIC that was started by former YETI employees.

My RTIC 20 cooler looks and seems to work just like a YETI at half the cost.

Ozark Trail is cheaper still but almost as good as the above, at least for coolers.

Lots of reviews/comparisons online.

No IP was stolen. Dewar invented the vacuum flask in 1892 and refused to patent it. Once the inventor says it’s free IP, it’s free IP.

No brand elicits a more fiery response on woot than Yeti. They must be doing something right to have everyone in a tizzy each time something is for sale.

Wrong, yeti are worth the price. Its a quality product at not an unreachable price. You are buying a name, but they also have the best product. I’ve used the RTIC, Stanley, Starbucks, and Tervis mugs… Yeti is the best IMO.

Yeti’s IP has been stolen plenty. He wasn’t referring to the vacuum flask.

Moving off of politics to a serious question.

Does this bottle have alternate tops, like either one with a fold down opener (straw hole), or one you can sip through?

Check youtube for reviews on Yeti products versus similar. Not worth the price or politics.

I do see straw caps and chug caps sold on Amazon for the Yeti rambler, so you should be good.

But, if they’re called ‘tops’ then I think the only appropriate name for the straw cap is the ‘tube top’… … … … I’ll see myself out.