Yeti & Robot


#2*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race
Get it tomorrow here!


not bad in for 1


I love your work, Annette Lauder!! Thanks so much for making another shirt. I love BFF. Of course, in for one. I plan on ordering some prints from nutandbee in the near future. Humphrey Radish and steampunk mole preferably. =)


cute, but not my cup of tea.

congrats to the artist.


This has been cute-design week apparently. Not my style.


yay gray… not -.-


Oh, wow! Another shirt from Annette at Nut and Bee! I loved the BFF shirt, and have since placed a couple orders on her site and RSS’d her blog and sketches. I think I may have to get this…


robots + heather gray = win.

not to mention a FREAKING YETTI.


Not bad. I’d love to know the inspiration behind it. Although I think a different color shirt would improve this design…


Love it so much I ended up impulse-buying one. I don’t care if it’s heather grey, most boring of all greys known to mankind. I love yetis, is what I’m saying.


But it’s not asphalt. :wink:


not my style at all
and i think this was the was the longest time to a first woot…over 1 minute
usually i see it within 10 seconds


I’m not normally a big fan of text on shirt but would be in if it actually said the “This shirt tells the world”

“No, robot – those were the times when I carried you.”

That is fabulous!


Is it just me, or do the robot’s feet look like the Yeti’s boobs?


in for 1 for the gf…yeti looks eerily similar to her dog
…footprints in the sand…hah


“You ain’t seen nothin’ Yeti”

I likes the design.


I love it but it’s Heather Grey…


Try a green shirt then.

cough cough


latley the shirts on woot have been too cute for my taste