Yippee ki-yay


I seriously dig this design! The understated simplicity masks the depth of the message… Not unlike Bruce Willis’ smirk.

Thank you, everyone who voted!!!

Why is this not a tank top? It fits so well…

It’s completely possible that it will show up in a side sale on a tank.

That would be cool. Also, new motto, although I might switch out the more generic guys in my head – oh, wait, Dr. who quote. Quite a quote colection.

Show of hands, who wants to see the other eight?

Sorry, seven. Just saw the TN one.

And the version for Good Women comes out when?

My apologies, but that is a Doctor Who quote:


So it was not my intent to be sexist, since “men” in this case = “humans”.

I’d like to see the others!
Where did you find TN?

I submitted it to the Derby here - http://shirt.woot.com/derby/entry/93739/true-neutral

I had mapped out all nine, and knew most of the quotes & vintage layouts I wanted to use, but I only had time to complete two of them before the derby.

Thank you!

I know it’s a quote, but I just can’t bring myself to buy/wear a “good men” shirt. At my age, I know they’re a myth.

Also waffling due to the good “men”. Though the young woman I had it in mind for is a Dr Who fan, so will get it. Still, just saying…
(And yes, I do know “men” OFTEN equals “humans” :slight_smile:

Love the shirt, but I can’t wear it. It’d be false advertising seeing as I’m true neutral.

lol I almost got it until I saw it said good men. girls game too you know.

I’m thinking the same thing. I’d be in for one, but “men” just doesn’t sit right with my lady bits.

Always pick Chaotic Good. Helping people, then stealing their stuff when their back is turned for nummy nummy loot.

Yeah add one more vote to see all of them

This shirt is my lifestyle. Must purchase.