Yo Mama's Pasta Sauce Classic Gift Set

Yo Mama's Pasta Sauce Classic Gift Set

so i saw this before on here…
was at the tj max had the set for 16.99… bought it.
cause i wanted to try it.
got home looked it up and


about 6 bucks a piece for each of them individually at the walmart.


Yep but you add the gift box to it and the price goes up. Example:


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crazy shopping nowadays isn’t it?

back in the olden days you just bought what was available at whatever price in your area.

now so much searching and searching all the time to see if you are getting the best price for what you want to buy.

is this glass jars?

Microsoft Edge has a price comparison tab. Claime to tell if you have best current price. It sorta works if some cookies are allowed. Does some past price display otherwise.

Sometimes does find usable coupons. Hope this interests you and helps.