Yoda talk:backwards speak we must!


Stupid thread this is.

Woot memory we must fill


Seeze-a metters nut. Luuk et me-a. Joodge-a me-a by my seeze-a, du yuoo? Hmm? Hmm. Und vell yuoo shuoold nut. Fur my elly is zee Furce-a, und a pooerffool elly it is. Leeffe-a creetes it, mekes it groo. Its inergy soorruoonds us und beends us. Loomeenuoos beeengs ere-a ve-a, nut thees croode-a metter. Yuoo moost feel zee Furce-a eruoond yuoo; here-a, betveee yuoo, me-a, zee tree-a, zee ruck, iferyvhere-a, yes. Ifee betveee zee lund und zee sheep


cranky you musn’t be.
give am monkey to 001, toon will


eadyRay areway youay? atWhay owknay youay ofway eadyray? orFay eightway undredhay yearsay avehay Iway ainedtray ediJay. yMay ownway ounselcay illway Iway eepkay onway owhay isway otay ebay ainedtray. Away ediJay ustmay avehay ethay eepestday ommitmentcay, ethay ostmay erioussay indmay. isThay oneway away onglay imetay avehay Iway atchedway. Allway ishay ifelay ashay ehay ookedlay awayway… otay ethay uturefay, otay ethay orizonhay. everNay ishay indmay onway erewhay ehay asway. Hmmay? atWhay ehay asway oingday. Hmphay. Adventureway. ehHay. Excitementway. ehHay. Away ediJay avescray otnay esethay ingsthay. Youay areway ecklessray.


My brain hurts now.

Pig latin should not be written. :omg:


deleted, this thread must be…