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what size is the ball?

Good question, which was asked 17 HOURS ago.


You guys are getting ridiculous, possibly too big for your britches ?

IF one’s question EVER gets answered, it’s usually too late to make a purchase because it is no longer available.

If you put a little thought into the description and a little more freaking detail, maybe there wouldn’t be so many questions.

SO AGAIN, what SIZE is the freaking ball ? We shouldn’t even have to ask, this info should be in the description !

Come on Woot, get with it.

The plot thickens here, vis à vis the ball, because on Gaiam’s website the Step360 is an air-filled platform, not a ball, and the balance balls they sell cost $20-30, not $7.99 as shown here (list). So I don’t know what this is.

Well, I’ve been waiting since this morning, and am still waiting on confirmation. Apologies for the delay.

A HA ! Good catch quark613.

What gives WOOT ? What item IS THIS ?

Is this a ball ? If so, what size ?
Is this a plastic step stool ?

I don’t know how you expect people to buy stuff when you can’t get the description right and it takes DAYS to get any details on the item.

STILL WAITING for info . . .

Maybe you should take a chill pill… Is it literally keeping you up at night not knowing if this ball is really a ball? Just breath.

Regardless, a quick google and a few links down is this Sellout Woot page, which talks about the platform, not the ball. Further googling (actually just switching over to google images) provided this image:

So I can only assume that yes it is a ball, the platform width is 20.5" (from the sellout link) so the ball diameter must be slightly larger than that in order to fit like the image.


It’s not JUST about THE BALL. It’s about the SAME problem OVER AND OVER with Amazon Woot.

Descriptions are not accurate and questions are not answered.

Ignoring customers is not good business practice.

BTW, the SIZE of the ball is important, so your guess doesn’t work.

This question was originally asked
D A Y S ago and it STILL hasn’t been answered. THAT is ridiculous !

Calling it a guess was a low blow. Definitely closer to an estimation. Someone was looking for a size, it appears to be the same size as the 360 platform, so estimated. Sorry I don’t have CSI programs.

Also, you missed my first point, which was to take a breathe. It’s good for the heart.

Thank you, WhaleMan.