Yoga cuz YOLO

Sad thing is that I had never heard the term YOLO until about 3 months ago. Now I see it everywhere.

I have the yellow striped one. It’s a nice thin and flexible mat and for the reduced price it’s a good deal. I’ve had it for a couple of months and it still smells chemically however (only an issue when doing pushups).

Hopefully that will stop soon.
Not sure if I could live with any of these colors, but to answer your front page question, I started going with my wife after work a couple times a week.
I enjoy it quite a bit, though the first time I went to a hot yoga class, I thought I was going to die…

How about the next six?

@ThunderThighs, depending on where you’re located you can hopefully find plenty of yoga studios in your area with a little research. Many offer a free trial when you first register with them. I suggest finding a few of those that offer free or donation-based classes and take advantage of the opportunity to experiment with different teachers while it’s cheap.

YOLO was popularized by a hip hop song that now has far too many people convinced that “You only live once” is a brand new phrase when in reality it’s probably something your grandparents used to say.

The only innovation here is Adam Mesh turning it into an annoying acronym/clothing line in 2004, though it was the song that apparently caused it to catch on as a meme.

The first six are free, after that it’s cash only.

I agree.
And I know a lot of purists do not approve, but we enjoy being members of CorePower.

Oh, that’s a good idea. I did see where my city’s Park & Recs department has a class near me. Been pondering that one.

Check your local YMCA, city or township recs frequently have smething, even my library out in the boonies has $5 classes a few times a week. Out where I live (rural) you won’t find a yoga studio and rarely a gym but you will find yoga classes in odd places as long as they have an open room. If you aren’t having luck ask a local dance studio or health products store. Try to put into a search engine yoga classes and your city or town too.


and I thought it was an SNL bit