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Just received the “Top Secret Jitter Free Fat Burner” supplement that I ordered on 23Aug. It bears little resemblance to the product you are advertising. Your product is stated to have “Green Coffee Extract”, “Raspberry Ketones” and “Forslean” (whatever that is)----my bottle lists none of these ingredients. Having read about raspberry ketones and GCA, I was anxious to try them, but I guess I’ll have to find them somewhere else.
What’s the deal here, Woot?

that’s odd.
i’m sorry to hear that.

if you haven’t already, please email so we can get this sorted for you.

i will forward your post along to people who can look into this in detail as well.

apologies again.

Second that, I mean I still like the deal, I honestly don’t care what the magic add-ons are as long as they help, but I only see Gree TEA extract, not green coffee, and I see acai berry, blueberry, and pomegranate, but no rasberry? ONce again, this is still a good deal but I think you have some text wrong.

Hyper FX is good. I take it while I am walking into the gym and dressing out. That way, when I am ready to give after about 45 minutes, I get another 30 to 45 minutes of workout time. The best part, I don’t feel like I am about to have a heart attack when I am on it. You will not regret purchasing this, I suggest 2 and keep them out of a humid environment and they will last forever. I only use them about 2 times a week due to my work schedule.

All that sounds great but it’s got sucralose in it … imo any company willing to feed u any nasties does not really care about your health… and in my opinion sucralose is a nasty…(thanks to a google search awhile back :slight_smile: )
It only sounds like sucrose …

Agree completely. These companies need to quit worrying about flavor when the people who use this stuff basically just chug it down and chase it with water.

That being said, if it isn’t Sucralose then it’s Stevia or RebA. The only one I’ve seen that doesn’t use any artificial sweeteners are the ones that are flavorless (like NOW supplements).

I should probably call their support line on this to ask why but it struck me as odd that the directions suggest for you to take a second serving post work out.

I bought Hyper FX on a previous woot and I’ll agree that it does work and give you an energy boost. But there is a lot of caffeine compared to another preworkout drink I use and it is very sweet. I got one each of the watermelon and grape and so far I have only tried the watermelon. I don’t plan on buying it again once my current supply is gone.

I can not imagine someone who does Yoga wanting this drink mix. Have you guys read the supplement facts, it has 20X the amount of caffeine of a regular cup of coffee. I had to stop taking it. It just sits on my desk.

It has 20X the amount of caffeine of a regular cup of coffee.

Check it again, it has 20X the amount of caffeine then a regular cup of coffee.