Yoga Mats (Not Weird Yoga Matt)

Do you yoga? Why did you start?

My husband is a yoga instructor. He started when he was a teenager as a way to deal with the collapse of his parents marriage. It’s his way of talking to God and finding peace. I have Multiple Sclerosis and yoga helps keep me limber.

I have problem on my neck, shoulders, and knees from accidents. So after going through a year of recovery and rehab, I start doing yoga and it really helps with my injuries.

Are these considered sticky yoga mats?

That one mat is for “Men”? It’s the only one I’d buy and I’m of the fairly girly variety. Pink… Meh!

Pfft, marketing, buy it anyway. :slight_smile:

Break stereotypes! Nobody will know but you anyway.

That said, it’s funny because I consider myself NOT of the girly variety but really like the blue butterfly mat. Ha.

LOL. The “men’s” one is the only one I don’t like. I went for the mat with the best hover-note. I just wonder - who does yoga while eating guacamole? Maybe I should try that. Yummmmmmmm.

I agree, stereotypes are socially constructed so by breaking them you are helping to free minds. Namaste.

List price on the site is $17.99. I dunno…now that I don’t feel like I’m saving as much money, I’m not as inclined to click the buy button. Shows how dedicated I am to fitness, heh. I’ll mull it over while I eat another bowl of Super Sugar Crunchies.

Precisely. I’m a man, and I ended up not getting the “Men’s” mat. I went for the red cherry blossom mat! What do marketers know anyway?

love yoga! I am loving these cherry blossom mats.
I started yoga a few years ago because I love being so flexible and it is peaceful and a great stress/anxiety release.

Does anyone know what these mats are composed of? Is it PVC foam? Are there phthalates or toxic chemicals contained in it?

Just PVC foam.

My wife wanted me to join her a couple times a week in the classes she takes (4 a week for her) and I learned to enjoy it quite a bit.
I feel stronger and more flexible to be sure. And since we always go to the back - lovely, lovely young ladies. :slight_smile:

aaand this is why i always practice in the back row, as close to the wall as possible.