Yogasleep Dohm Classic, Your Choice

Yogasleep Dohm Classic, Your Choice

Tried one of these, shouldn’t be your first choice. For six bucks more you can get a sound machine with 20 different fan sounds and much better volume control.

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Thanks, appreciate the feedback

In the non-fan-based arena, I’m looking for a good “night train” sound, if anyone has any recommendations.

Pictures are for Marpac Dohm $44.95 on Amazon currently. YogaSleep Dohm in description is $27.95 on Amazon currently. I have a Marpac Dohm and really like it. I was going to purchase until I saw the disconnect between photo and description. I am disappointed.


In the market for a noise machine and almost pulled the trigger until I saw the reviews on Amazon. Apparently the quality in recent years seems to have gone downhill. “The Dohm Classic is no longer the Dohm Classic…” The fans seem to burn out in just a few months. Disappointing.

I’m not sure what to make of it, but Marpac and YogaSleep seem to be the same, now:

We don’t use sleep sounds since moving back to the woods, but while in Milwaukee, to help my husband sleep through all the city noise (I sleep like a rock, not he), we used an Echo dot in our room. I even created my own sleep sounds, found 10 hour youtube sleep videos, extracted the audio, uploaded it to iBroadcast and installed the ibroadcast skill to Amazon Alexa. We actually liked the airplane sounds.

“We don’t use sleep sounds since moving back to the woods, …”

We’re the opposite.

We live right in downtown Orlando and our street (although smaller) is a cut through for cars and ambulance all night, but we never wake up.

When we were in various small, dead-quiet villages in Scotland last summer, we had trouble getting to sleep. :open_mouth:

I have heard this from others too. I can sleep regardless of noise, it is a gift, I know.

Keep in mind, this was Milwaukee, and not a quiet part of the town, Riverwest if you know the area. The land of bars on every corner. We would not only hear traffic, but drunks and yelling and…well, you get the idea.

While you are definitely correct, the thing to note is that this is not a digital recording like the machines you’re talking about. These are fans inside of an acoustic chamber to give you a true to life physical sound. Some people need that physical sound as opposed to the digital recording of other machines.

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I have the Marpac Dohm and I don’t use if for sleep. With all the conference calls I’m now making from home, I place mine outside the office door for privacy. I helps muffle my calls, but also helps with the kids noise from their going to school remotely.

We have both the Marpac Dohm and the Lectofan. The Dohm definitely has the more authentic fan sound which you wouldn’t think would be that much of a big deal but it somehow makes a difference to anyone who is used to that sound versus an electronic recording of the same which the Lectofan has. With the Dohm you can tweak the sound slightly by turning the top and sides for a deeper or brighter sounding hum. There is also two volume settings. The Lectofan definitely can be louder and offers more white noise type sounds but really you could just use an Echo for all those sounds and more for less $.

Bottom line is that if you want an authentic fan-like noise without actually running a regular fan then this is the one to buy.

A huge advantage of the Lectofan is it can be run by USB (i.e. a battery = portable). This means it can be used in areas the Dohm cannot such as my RV (I do not want to run the inverter all night). Also it is MUCH louder and uses less electricity. I really could care less about the variety of sounds or the timer though. I prefer the Lectofan but the Dohm is a nice machine too, I have both.