Yootech Wireless Charger Qi-Certified

Yootech Wireless Charger Qi-Certified

Product works well with my iPhone 11. Charges through my Otterbox case without a problem. Outer ring light only lights up temporarily then turns off so there’s no LEDs on while you’re trying to sleep. Just picked one up a month ago from Amazon. Just note that it’s listed here without the wall adapter and will just come with a USB on the end of the cord. If you want to utilize the higher charging capacity you will need a regular phone/tablet wall adapter but with the right output to capitalize on that. Or just go to Amazon and pick up the Yootech version of this that includes the wall adapter for $16.99. Side note: not much of a deal on this particular listing. Woot lists this as $19.99 retail marked down to $9.99 however Yootech has these on Woot’s parent company Amazon for $10.15 for the black/black version of this. Thanks for the screaming deal guys! I’ll take that $0.16 savings and go buy myself a luxury yacht with those savings…


Psssst: The $19.99 is the list price, aka MSRP.

Psssst: thats the customer service of Woot I’m used to anymore. Aka: your customer service at woot is atrocious and you treat people like jerks.

Thanks for the snarkey response random woot staffer. Thanks for assuming I have no idea what msrp is. Comment still stands. Thanks for the $0.16 savings woot compared to the largest online retailer. Kinda pathetic though, no? Your response is like a retailer standing next to another store trying to lure people in by shouting about a $0.16 savings but also berating you and treating you like an id10t at the same time. Been buying from here since 2009 back when you actually had deals, like - real deals, and cared about customers. Now all you guys care about is being snarkey, making your little jabs, the videos no one watches, and blatantly overcharging for garbage covid products during the main heart of the crisis that were either recalled or have huuuuge asterisks next to them just to make an extra buck. I hesitated before posting this since I generally HATE leaving reviews/notes on sites. Between people constantly getting talked down to by staffers and being completely unhelpful and straight up rude to customers either in comments or, heaven forebid, when you have a problem with your order I think I’m about done here. Jeff ultimately gets his money at the end of the day either way but at least you don’t get constant attitude with them. So cheers @ThunderThighs and thank you for treating me with little kid gloves and living up to exactly what I’ve come to expect from Woot anymore.

I think the point which @ThunderThighs was making, was that it’s the suggested price.

Many companies will come up with a ridiculous price for items, and then they themselves will sell it cheaper.

@ThunderThighs Their main point was not only the big savings so claimed 50% off thus the no wall charger. Was actually the .16 cents savings. I saw this comparison earlier as well but I knew better than to post nor point it out. Since, its been already said I will just second that the savings really isn’t much compared to your mother ship. Although, I currently have more chargers than I can shake a stick at I won’t be buying another until it can wireless charge my phone as I am using it. Send the charge through the wifi damnit than I’ll bite. Might as well every other device is sending frequencies bouncing off my forehead. There i said what I wanted to say. Let me hear it…

Feel like I’ve been had for 59 cents. To see the deal I had to download the app… then of course checked out on Amazon. Not worth the time it took to get the app.

Second time in 3 days for me that I’ve felt that Woot is playing games.

Maybe less “trying so hard to be cute” and more real deals.

Deal sold out so a lot of people like their 16 cents. :w_happy2:

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ThunderThighs (TT) isn’t some random Woot staffer. Disagree with the pricing all you want (it’s a valid complaint) but please don’t attack her for doing her job. Using the list price like that is a standard practice in the retail business.

But, then, I’m sure you know that.

I don’t like the practice, either, but take that up with corporate if you want it to change, not some “random staffer” who doesn’t make those decisions.

Yes, Woot is snarky – it’s been their brand from the very beginning – but I don’t feel in this instance she was being snarky. She wasn’t treating you like an idiot, she was just stating a fact.

TT works damn hard and regularly works even on her days off and when she’s on vacation, just so people can yell at her for things that are out of her control or for people to read more into her comments than I think was intended.

And, no, I don’t know TT personally, I’m not her BFF, and I don’t work for Woot. I’m just stating my opinion.


@KuroUingu Good morning. I have no idea who knows what the list price means and who doesn’t. At least a couple times a week, I’m correcting someone who says our Amazon/Retail price is incorrect. I have to explain that it’s List/MSRP, not retail or Amazon’s price. Since I’m not yet able to read minds, I figured this was one of those cases. I’m sorry that it upset you. That was not my intention.

As to the price, some deals are better than others. We’re not the only daily/deal site anymore. We’re competing for deals with a ton of other sites. And yes, retail is about making money but we’ve been very careful to make sure that our prices during this time reflect the marketplace and the best prices we can get at that time.

@Wooter369146522 Thank you.

@StefanMakaSL1MSTEF: Yes, we try to be lower. When you get to items that are below $20, the savings can sometimes be in cents and and not dollars.

@4mel Hi there. We launch an Appsclusive deal every day at 5pm. No games, just encouraging people to try the app.

@peaceetc Thank you, ma’am.