Yost 4" Rapid Action Bench Vise

Yost 4" Rapid Action Bench Vise

WOOT Why do you keep showing the Yost 750e vice next to this Rapid
Action vise but never have the 750e listed for sale ???

They didn’t think you’d notice.

Well they were wrong…I have a clone model of the Yost 750e at work and love the fact that you can rotate the jaws 360 degrees …comes in very handy on different projects when you want to hold something with the jaws other then just horizontal. Have been looking for a second one for here at the house. Woot had this same photo not too long ago when they had the Yost vices and then too it was not listed for sale. I know you would not call this ‘‘switch and bait’’ but how hard would it be to delete the photo of vices that you do not have for sale from the sale ad ???

Well, it’s actually harder than you think when you have a zillion banners needing to get done and one lone part-time photographer. Sometimes we have to reuse banner. Anyway, I sent your wish to the tools team. And yes, we should have updated that banner.

Turns out, pretty hard…