Yost Pack of 6 Steel Bar Clamps - Pick Size

These are available on Home Depot for $30.89 https://www.homedepot.com/p/Yost-6-in-Bar-Clamp-Spreader-6-Pack-13006/206776557?cm_mmc=Shopping|THD|google|&mid=sL1p8zJhL|dc_mtid_8903tb925190_pcrid_195274179091_pkw__pmt__product_206776557_slid_&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI_MKsovfr2QIV1bXACh03_AosEAQYAiABEgJE7PD_BwE&dclid=CLX4sKX369kCFZFiAQodSG0G7w

These clamps are garbage for woodworkers. I bought these about a year ago because they are relatively inexpensive. The problem with these are when you are trying to do a glue up and are squeezing the handle to tighten. Good clamps, no matter how hard you squeeze, will have the squeeze handle rebound back to starting position so you can squeeze more. These handles stick closed and do not rebound. So you can only get a little pressure for the clamping job. I was recently doing a glue up and tried these and I realized I could not tighten anymore. The handles would not rebound. So I went and got some parallel clamps and finished the glue up. I left the cheap clamps in place. Every so often I would hear a “pop” when the squeeze handles returned to position. Too late to work effectively. I have 6 of them and they all do the same thing. Technically a design flaw. Empirically they are GARBAGE! And YOST is clearly written on my clamps.