Yost Parallel Clamps (2-Pack)

Yost Parallel Clamps (2-Pack)

The pictures seem to contradict each other. The main picture shows the 24" model (K5024 visible on the label) with the lighter duty black bar. The other picture have labels saying the 24" model has a heavier duty sliver bar. Which is correct? I’m only interested in the heavy duty version.

As near as I can tell, all K5000 series clamps have an 880lbs. clamping force rating. Their site shows the K7000 series as their “heavy duty” clamps. My guess is that the picture with the silver bar is incorrect.

The only clamps I need…

Hi there. We’re double checking the photos with the vendor but we are selling the K5000 clamps.

Update: We’ve confirmed that the photos are correct.
FYI: 24” = silver bar, all other sizes = black bar.

In our photos, one isn’t more heavy-duty than the other, they are the same (other than the overall size).

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Yeah these photos seem to show both the 7000 series and the 5000 series. The K5000s being sold have an aluminum body and the 7000 have a plastic body. Looks like a sweet deal.

Hi there. See my post above. We’re selling the K5000 series.

Are you sure?
I thought the 5000 series had a black powder-coated bar with holes in the top jaw, silver “Yost” sticker with black font.

7000: white font & silver bar

Maybe this is an older (better) version?