You'll Probably Need Earbuds



wood vs plastic earbuds, anyone have what one is the best?


I had a pair of the green marleys. They sounded great! However… my cat took a fancy to them… as a snack needless to say i need a new pair…


Love the Altec buds. The sound is great and they are comfortable to wear all day.


Can anyone recommend a good pair for running? I bought a pair of CityLights last time but they broke within a month.


I would not recommend the klipsch for running. I had a pair and they sounded great, fairly comfortable. Every time I moved and the cord shifted I could hear it-it was really annoying.


The Lansing lady earbuds are a waste of money. I bought some the last go round and they’ve since broken in less than 6 weeks. Seems to be a common issue from checking out the website. Bummer.