You Asked For It



Odd Bear Out hoodie? Binge hoodie? Oh woot, you make me so happy.

Happy and broke.

But so, so happy.


You missed one!


So glad they brought back the “5 second rule.” Now all they need to bring back is the “original recycler” and my regretted decision not to purchase a shirt will be absolved.


Be patient… hint hint.


you brought back Circuitulatory System!!! WOOOOOO!

Next up: From Your Sink Since 1900


I love you Woot.


Unfortunately I already have all the repeats I’d be interested in (Moloko Plus and Cicuitulatory System). Maybe next time.


Hmm… That sounds very promising! My brother’s favorite shirt got ruined by bleach, and I’d love to get him another one of these for Christmas. Should I be patient for this Christmas or next? :wink:

ETA: Should I hope that I can get it in the original AA blank? Sorry, but I had to ask, since hints are happening. I’d buy it for him either way, but I know how much he liked the original.


Can I get a hint hint about the original recycler? Please?!?


I’m from Seattle?


: /


I would love to see “The New Guy” again.


So happy about Existential Whale!


Me too! I’ve been waiting for that one to come back since the day it was reckoned! (Wasn’t paying enough attention that day, obviously…)

I would be even happier if it were printed on AA - the Anvil (men’s) blanks are just not as good - but in this case, I’ll take what I can get. I’ve passed on a lot of good designs because of the new shirts, but I just can’t pass on this one, even if it won’t fit me as well.


Wishing that Survival Horror had made a reappearance. I’ve been waiting or that shirt to return.


And this one, or do I have to sign up on those web sites to replace it?


Yeehaa, I can finally complete my Blair Sayer collection.

I feel validated for all the times I posted on new Blair shirts and the days I spent searching for “mai tai” on the random shirt pages and at teetrade.

It has been a lonely quest, and now it has ended. Thanks Woot, nice to know I wasn’t alone out there after all.


Cooool! I never get anything I ask for, but I did ask for It Came Out Of Nowhere on a hoodie last time it came up, you did it! I just need to measure one of my other hoodies tonight and I will be back with $$ and hopefully a few other potential purchasers. Love ya Woot and welcome to my Xmas card list!


You know, woot!, I’ve been waiting for you to bring back one past shirtwoot! design. Patiently. Waiting. No begging. No whining.

You taunted us for months with a phantom header, and we foolishly thought that some day old favorites would find a home in the site permanently.

Lo and behold, today I see “you asked for it” and I have the nerve to think woot! is finally gonna bring back THE shirt:

But no. Not to be. Never to be, is it, woot!?