You Auto Know

clicked on this one just because of the title. awesomeness!

The “Car Escape Tool” looks identical to resqme car escape tools(which if you look close, you can see their logo), which have a list price of $9.95, $8.95 on Amazon. Poor deal, Woot. I’m not impressed, as much as I would love to buy more resqme for all the members of my family, I’ll do it on the Mothership.

What the heck is it?

It’s a side window breaker/seat belt cutter. They are becoming more common due to cars mostly now having automatic windows and the possible inability to open them if the car’s electrical function is damaged in an accident. You may have seen a Lifehammer, an orange pointy ended hammer with a seat belt cutter in the handle. This is a teeny spring loaded one. The reviews on Amazon of people testing them on junkyard cars seemed promising. They have handy breakaway clips that are firm enough I don’t feel like it will come loose without a hard tug. I’ve zip tied the keyring (it can breakaway with a hard pull) within reach of the drivers seat of my car.

The $9 I spent for one on Amazon is worth the peace of mind to me.

I was told there was a Mythbusters episode involving getting out of a sinking car with and without a window breaker. I’ve not seen it, but it sounds both interesting and scary.

I know it’s sold out, but the motorcycle tire kit will probably magically reappear in the future, so I’m curious about the compressor that plugs into a cigarette lighter. I’ve never noticed a cigarette lighter on my son’s Harley.

The Aervoe flare kits, which appear to be the same as last time, are the Chinese-made economy versions.

The photo of the orange/red ones is not of the actual product, those “Made in USA” hexagonal ones are the substantially better product, not what you’ll get.