You can't resist the force of the cookies

I’ve always been on the darkside and the cookies are excellent. Just sayin’.

Dancing Darth is delightful. Plus, cookies!

Cookies…I’m there.

That cookie menu is yummy!

… and I believe that at least two of the cookies are his special “Death Star” recipe, with just a single but not-to-be-underestimated fully operational chocolate chip.

Could the Woot gods please permit this to be reprinted on a tech shirt? I need this shirt for the Rebel challenge race at Disneyland in January.


Some of those chocolate chips are suspiciously placed…

I love the Death Star shaped cookies. Some of the cookies on the menu sound so good, I’d like the recipe!

They look so yummy, dark chocolate for sure! Nice job Wences :slight_smile:

Congrats, Wences! Love this one.

This needs to be an apron. Like, now.

Congrats Wences!!

Grats wences!

Don’t be fooled, this cookies are from the Dark Side, which means the have raisins, YUK!

Hahaha congrats Buddy!!!

That’s no moon. It’s…fresh out of the oven!

Grats Wences! I had this cookie once who owed me a life-debt… His redemption was delicious!

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I tried to resist posting it…