You Can't Take the Sky From Me

In case you missed the horrible cruel April fools joke

Edit: From 2011 apparently…I thought there was one from this year.

A shirt I want a better view of than this phone allows.

There’s no place I can be,
Since I’ve found a sweet T,
But you can’t take the sky from me

Firefly’s Serenity in the night sky. Amazing!

I hope this shirt is reaver resistant…

Am I the only one that sees a roving space penis, here?

Can someone fillion me in on this reference?

What you did there…I see it.

I need a jar to stuff all of the dumb Firefly stuff into.

You’re the Bart Starr of humorlessness.

hehe. Nice.

I have some sweet sweet home-made screen print Firefly tees from back in the day. I wish the person who designed them would submit some here, they would sell like hotcakes stuffed with free money. Although hers may have some copyright issues…

No, thats what I saw too unfortunately.

In space no one can see you didn’t proof read your write up.

These shirts are best to Wash in warm water, never in a River.

What if I would like to get outdoors to enjoy the summer while washing my shirt? Maybe read a book, frye up some burgers, and see a badger or two in their natural habitat?

So long as we don’t go out too early, I think that it would be fine.

Sadly, I too thought this looks too much like the dildo nebula.

yes, yes, it IS Serenity. can you hear Mal bellowing at the crew? was that the struman cowl that just blew off?

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