You Can Golf if You Want To



Hey golfers, tell us your thoughts.

And for you non-golfers…


My wife is 5’8". Will 35" putter be OK for her?


It might be a little long, but it shouldn’t be too bad. I am 5’8" and use a 34" putter, but my last one was 35" and it isn’t that big of a difference.


Has anyone tried these refinished Pro V1’s before? I’m reading there’s a difference from refinished, used and recycled. Opinions?


I have bought the refinished ProV1s before and I thought they were great. Refinished is definitely the way to go since recycled and used often have defects on them. I am a 20 handicap and I thought they were just as good as new ones, for a very reasonable price!


I bought 3 dz the last time they had them and there were only 4 balls total that were “mint.”

Woot was great and refunded my $$, and they didn’t even want them back they had so many problems with them. I gave them to my hacker son.


Does anyone have the golf bag? I’m looking to upgrade and I’ve read some good things about the Ogio.


I have the Ogio Crush and for the price, it is a great bag. It has a decent amount of storage compartments and I really like the individual club compartments. They run the length of the bag. It is also very light.


Bought the Foot Joy golf shoes when they were on Woot the last time (they were $50 then 8/28/12) and I gotta say, they are excellent. I have a pair of Callaway’s and these shoes are right up there with them. They are very comfortable and they keep your feet dry. If you are looking for a good starter pair of shoes I would highly recommend these. They look and feel great.