You Can Grill If You Want To

I was contemplating this. Think I’ll take a pass, my old weber kettle is ugly and ancient (given to me by a housemate in '90!) but it still works.

check out comments from earlier Woot offering:
Look at comments on second page where people added updates after receiving the grill (North American Outdoors BB02336U)

Also offered later in Tools and Garden


Element Fuego - unless you really want to cook on a cast iron grill, I can’t really recommend this thing, not for $60 anyway. It’s pretty but not that well designed. For the legs to fold, you have to detach the gas valve. The red rubber strap does break. I only bought it a few months ago and has only been used once and the strap has broken. I’m planning a little grilling picnic tonight and went to get it and found the rubber straps had broken. That said, I have used it and it does cook well.

I also have the grilling set and for $8, it’s worth it. The rack is pretty big - you’ll need to take the upper rack off for most BBQs. A smoker box is at least $10. The sauce cup is nice as well as the silicone brush.

It’s hard to believe that this crappy charcoal grill is back, and harder to believe that it sold out!

Smores maker? In my day we called that a stick. The woods were full of them. They would make a great fireball launcher too if you set your marshmallow aflame. I guess you could chunk that whole contraption if you wanted to. All you youngsters need is a good old fashioned stick. It’s better than good, it’s wood!

Man, $5 for the FireWire skewers??

How far we’ve come…

i ordered 3 sets of firewire skewers. someone tell me it was worth it.

I feel bad for those that bought the North American Outdoors NOT Heavy Duty Charcoal Grill. I did not see this in time to save those who bought it from buying it. I apologize.

How much were they before?

Nevermind, I see even back in July they were $15 for a 6-pack

In your day, you probably didn’t have such great computers, cell phones, etc and here you are.

I was hoping to find some more of those woot cedar planks. Anyone know if they sell them here anymore? I bought some a year or 2 ago and loved them.

I would offer that there are fundamental differences between computers, cellphones, etc and a stick. If you don’t believe me, search for it on Lycos or whatever new-fangled gizmo you use these days.

The skewers were HUGE disappointment in this house. I wasted a bunch of food because it all stuck to the wires & fell apart when we tried to it them off the hot, un-greased metal wire. I’m too sad to try them again.

Wow, a Moodyman reference in the title. +1 respect. You can dance if you want to…

I use this when I don’t want to break out the big boy. It works pretty good for a couple of burgers or steaks.
As far as the strap goes, you may as well just throw it away right after unpacking the box. It won’t last a week.

I’m ticked I didn’t buy 3 more sets for gifts. I love them. You can cram so much more food onto these than skewers and they’re much easier to turn in my opinion.

I bought them when they first hit the market 2ish years ago around the same time they did the Woot branded cedar planks.

What kind of food you talking? I use them for the kabobs all the time and never had any issues.

Anybody else order one of the Polder thermometers - listed as ‘new’ in the product description - and get their product in a plain, clearly not retail, box? What’s up with that?

That’s cool. We like when people come back to share their experiences.

FYI: As long as the product seems to be in a new coneition, I wouldn’t be overly concerned about the brown vs retail box. Many of our sales are special buys that don’t come in retail boxes.

Good to know, TT. I’ve made quite a few purchases here, but never had a product listed as being in ‘new’ condition come in anything other than a retail box. I had another question for support - some other purchases that were listed as being included in the shipment that were not - so I will see what they have to say about this specific instance. Thanks for your response.