You Can’t Catch Me

Where’s the milk?

curse you cream tee. :frowning: Love the ginger though

It’s like a gecko… you break off a leg and it still has a spare to keep running away!

Was expecting this to take first place. Bought one!

Perfect. Looks like he’s about to pop up + run off. Colors make me think anyone wearing this will cause people to think they’re smelling ginger + cinnamon.

I love this shirt. <3 Bought!

Official Google uniform?


6 colors were advertised on the submission page. Can you get the shirt in a color that is not creme?

congrats spiritgreen!

The color is the choice of the artist, so only one color.

Annnddd Food wins haha.

Nice job on the musculature.

The artists are allowed to use up to six ink colors. Only one shirt color.

The cooking related pictures on the outside is a nice touch.

It’s Woot - anthropomorphic food and puns :slight_smile:

So I’m less horizontally excessive and down to a L now … so can someone please tell me why do I keep buying food-related shirts?!?

The shirt/tunic lines ruin it for me. The buttons should be the only embellishment.

This shirt looks tasty.

You can’t eat the shirts which is probably why you’re down to an L! I avoid most of the food shirts, but not food - so I’m a 3X :frowning: