You Can't Spell "Care" Without "Car"

How big is it?
There are so many items on woot where the “spec” tab does not show specs!
Come on!

Hi there. What item are you asking about?

I’ll guess the 1.2" thick mat that folds into 6 equal sections of some unkown dimension.

Yeah, that was my guess too. I’ve asked for dimensions on that one. We’ll hope that’s the right item. :slight_smile:

UPDATE: Dimensions have been added to the sale.

Father Amazon sez “47.6 x 16.5 x 1.2 inches.” $29. Prime-able. Out of stock.

(WOOT’s $5 off seems pretty weak, discount-wise…)

Anyone know anything about the flares?

I can’t seem to find the HP, let alone the mmHg of the vacuum. I can’t imagine it is much, but still… Anyone?

Why does she have the damn jack so far behind the wheel well? That’s no way the manufacturer would put the jack points that far back. Your photo is unrealistic woot! For shame!!!

Only thing I know it that it looks like some kind of doughnut making machine.