You Choose Wine or Rita 2-pk

Perfect for people who want to express that inner redneck, or as a gag gift :wink:

I think I made these 35 years ago as a cub scout.

Nothing says classy like a Mason Jar Wine Glass.

I think I’ll just go to the dollar store and buy a case of the stemless versions for $12.

these are tacky.


And some of these have sold already? I guess PT BarNum was right, there is one born every minute

perfect, my double wide is now complete!

Worst home.woot ever. Anybody can hot glue a Mason jar to a dollar store candle holder. Blek.

if you bought…a Jeff Foxworthy Kountry Krystal Redneck Glassware 2-pk…
off of…you might be a redneck

Awww man, they took out the pickles…

Perfect companion for the Jeff Foxworthy Energy Drink (yes it seriously exists)

Had to pick these up for for the ol’ White Elephant Christmas gifts!..No one said they had to like thier gifts! and I’m shopping early!

WOOT! I don’t think I’ve seen this declared on this site yet! Woohoo!

where they sale that?? 99 cent store?..may have to pick some up to go with these da-gum glasses!

I don’t know if I believe that the Margarita glasses hold the same amount as the wine glasses. They certainly look smaller in the pictures not including the stem. Specs say they each hold 16oz?

Wow, these were interesting the first time I saw them a month ago, but now I’m already tired of them…

LoL! wtf is this? 5 episodes of workaholics in and this jar came up? I Don;t think so! lol what?!

I have to say, mixing these with alcohol sounds like a great way to knock my teeth out.

Seriously, which do you think would be better for red wine? I thought maybe the shape of the margarita one was more appropriate, but what do I know. I’m not much of a drinker. Let me know what you think. This is a perfect gift for someone - don’t want to miss it. or buy the wrong one.