You Choose Wine or Rita 2-pk

I’d take the chance on the margarita ones. Like a previous contributor, I kind of question that they’re also 16 oz.

At any rate, my grown nephews are getting tired of woot monkeys in their Christmas bags. Wanna guess what they’re getting this year? :smiley:

I was about to buy these, until I saw Jeff Foxworth’s name associated with them.
I can’t stand that unfunny guy. I’ll pass!

How many of us read this in Comic Book Guys voice?

If you are are a sloppy drunk, you should definetely consider this product, which makes it into a sippy cup. Cuppow: The Lid That Turns a Canning Jar Into a Travel Mug | Kitchn

Are you an easily offended redneck? Cause he’s pretty darn funny if you ask me. :slight_smile:
Edit: If I liked something though, I’d buy it no matter whose name is mentioned in context with it.

I read it in enunciate each word separately with deliberate pause for effect voice.

Oooh! Da perfect Kountry Pimp Chalice!
Ma homeys be luvin dis!

“Bring us some fresh wine! The freshest you’ve got - this year! No more of this old stuff”

Why is this associated with Mr. Foxworthy?

I think they’re kind of cute and would go well in a home with a quirky, fun decorating scheme. And I’m a total city slicker.

Mags Bennett would have loved these for serving her “apple pie” (deadly neurotoxin optional).

His Beef Jerky empire wasn’t enough.

The Jar and the “stem” are glued together. mine came apart after a couple uses.

If you’re a sloppy drunk you knock these over 58% more frequently than if you are using just the mason jar. You’ll just have to trust me on this.

Just be careful, If you fill em with shine and have family over your sister may start looking gooooooood!

Why have a cellar tracker that I can’t look at? :frowning: access denied :frowning:

well you got that 1/2 right :slight_smile:

I have some of these. They are tacky but funny and the ones I have come with lids which actually is not a bad thing. The best price I’ve seen for them retail is 9.99 each but mostly they’re in the 12.99 to 14.99 category, each.

Haha, you are correct.

In this day and age it’s sad to see the perpetuation of stereotypes such as this Woot. I just moved to Nashville from Chicago with an open mind about the South. I find the Southern Accent to be refreshing and while the laid back lifestyle is a departure from the busy day-to-day of the “big city” we still get things accomplished here. The use of the “redneck” phrase is demeaning and to think that country folks would find a stemmed mason jar amusing is offensive.

Ahh, heck! who am I kidding! I’m in for two sets! these will be the perfect gag for my Meat and 3 parties out by the cement pond in the backyard. Now, If I can only find a clear gas can to match…