You Choose Wine or Rita 2-pk

Is it ironic that Kentucky was the first state to purchase?

Fuggin’ classy!

I notice on the map, the first woot went to Kentucky. Somehow, that’s not surprising…

I guess if I were going to serve drinks out of Mason jars, I’d just go to the hardware store and buy a couple of cases at this price.

This looks like one of those things people say “how cute” and buy, then donate to the Goodwill store after six months.

California!?! Really!?! You’re embarrassing me. I know we have a lot of foreclosures but I didn’t realize that meant you would take up residency in a trailer park.

These would be sweet for canning and serving jams and jellies.

Good to know woot will sell us anything, even redneck wine glasses. I went to a gun show and some woman was selling these all painted up with polka dots and your initials… you know. So you can have a personalized redneck wine glass.

Looking at the map now, why so many sales in Colorado and New Mexico?!?

Just for fun, I bought a set of these last time they were up. Discovered that they are much more redneck than you’d think: Each “glass” consists of a jar GLUED to the top of a cheap glass candlestick.

That is kind of what they show in the picture. :slight_smile:

It’s going to be a white trash Christmas this year. In for 2.

Cool! I have one of the wine glasses somebody gave me, and I never noticed that! I think that makes it better than if it was made in one piece.

wow these are horrible!Why not just use a jar you empty out like a pickle jar or something?

I like this kind of irony.

You would have to have a REALLY tall pot to can in these. Water needs to be at least an inch over the lid to seal correctly. I guess you could do refrigerator jam with them though.

I dunno, but when I’m working in the garage enjoying a nice glass of wine, it will be nice to keep the fruit flies out of my wine. Yeah, a jar would work, but these glasses will add that little extra sophistication as I swirl my wine with greasy hands.

The irony of this is that she appears to be pressing men’s clothes.

Is this the ones they have on Larry’s Country Diner?

The pic that keeps on giving. :smiley: