You come across a satchel with $100,000. What do you do?

You come across a satchel with $100,000. What do you do?


That kinda money in a bag is drug money, not lost money. Cops are just gonna seize it, better it get spent on things other than more police equipment


Take it and donate it. More than likely, that much cash sitting around is doing so for a duplicitous reason

I would like to keep it however I would be scared to put myself in some sort of No Country for Old Men type situation


Turn it in so some shady character can get mad at me? No, Sir. I’ve seen this movie. I’d leave it there to be somebody else’s problem.


Assuming no ID… finder’s keepers, dude…


If the person who lost it was poor, I would give it back. Paraphrased from Yogi Berra.

I would ask the police if anyone came to them asking if someone turned in something. If so, I would go from there asking them to describe it. I would not hand it over until I was sure the rightful owner got it.


I would stake out the area remotely to see what sort of person was looking for it if it looked to be a decent person I would return it if it was a not good egg I would donate it to a worthy cause

Alcohol, gourmet food, party and the rest… just waste it :stuck_out_tongue: Nahh report the found satchel to 911 :innocent:

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  1. You have way too much time on your hands!
  2. You can tell a decent person by looks, eh? Impressive.

One time in the '80s we were taking pictures at Lombard St in San Francisco. My brother looked down in the flower beds and there was a wallet with like $60 cash in it, nothing else. We both wanted to keep it, although I had internal conflict and he did not. Regardless, our mom turned it in.
I feel the same way about this satchel full of money, except now I get to decide!


Most likely that amount if nobody claimed it when turned into the chips they would suspect some kind of illegal activity which then doesn’t not allow the person who turned in the item to claim it as lost property. Leaving you with zero in your pocket.

If it was someone’s honest hard worked money, you would definitely hear about it in the news and yeah returning it would be best. They may even give you a reward.

If you decide to keep it and whatever reason the government finds out you have it, yes you would be taxed and still have some rather than nothing at all.

I’m sure nothing nefarious would come about you keeping it, the person who lost it was possibly part of some illegal and may or may not be around after that type of mistake of losing that much money.

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I would go full Oprah… Bag of crap for you, Bag of crap for you, Bag of crap for EVERYBODY!


I would hide it for a year to see what comes up


I’d bring it to the police station. Arguing the cops are corrupt and will use it for bad things doesn’t justify me being corrupt. That’s a problem with the system, not me.


Turn it in and hope for a reward.


I’ve seen too many movies to know that some scary debut in all of his minions are going to come looking for that money. If those are the only two options, I turn it into the police, otherwise I probably seriously consider walking away.

Cool story bro.

Pick it up and run.