You Complete Me

I’d fill her hole. Grrrooowwwwllll,

It’s a bit late for more Valentine’s Day shirts, isn’t it?

To this day I’ve still never seen my hole.

I just saw Jerry Maguire last night for the first time.

How coincidental

Mmmm…I’ve never seen frosted doughnut holes before. I’m only familiar with plain, powdered, and random-flaky-thing.

Does that make her a filled donut now?

Awwww. That’s so sweet!

This shirt isn’t suggestive or anything.

Holy donut hole Batman! Great to see you printing here expo!!

HHHMMMM powder blue shirt and a pink doughnut, nah i can’t be manly and wear this shirt lol. But yea the Lady doughnut is sexy lmao

This shirt has taken me back to my first shirt.woot purchase, which I still wear (and appreciate!) today:

It completes me.

So, could doughnut-mom carry Holeiver (as I’ve named him) in her hole like a kangaroo carries her joey?

I sure hope they’re both jelly filled.


This is a hole in one!

and how did you get the pink to GLOW like that?

I think cops would like this shirt. :wink:

I’d give it an “or anything”

i liked it better when it was a SnorgTee