You donut know how much I love you


Is he tipping his hat to her?? Is he lifting it so she can peer in?? Dunk in??? Oh, the possibilities!!

“Love” is right: MY favorite thing in the world, paired with my kids’ favorite donut type. Nice job, Walmazan.

America runs on LOVE. Or should. :o/

I think it great that there has been a lot of Ugly Tee shirts…I’ll snag some for a Ugly T party. And maybe it is a cuppa Tea, not coffee.

No AA men’s XL? I guess I won’t be ordering.

Sorry! We’ve been plagued with some inventory issues :frowning:

AA once again made a top 10 list of brands that will disappear. If you had to choose, would you opt for two different brands of the existing blank colors OR a single brand with a few more blank colors offered?

Unfortunately, they ARE going to disappear. Gildan purchased the brand but is not keeping the factory. Nearly 3,500 employees here in LA have gotten pink slips already. :frowning:

Two brands probably works better than one IF they complement one another as they currently do. I’m a guy, but I’m well aware that people are shaped differently and the two brands encompass a much wider audience. For proof, revisit the older “women’s sizing” threads.